Project Teams

The semester business system project is a team effort to develop a commercial-grade software application. Small, independent teams of 4 class members will be required to complete the application together. The semester project is a 'software development boot camp' designed to give first-hand experience with the complexity and necessity of teamwork.

If you fail to do your job on the team and keep up with your teammates, you will be kicked off the team, and you will have to do the entire project by yourself.

Students are expected to form their own teams. Very early on, you should begin talking with others in class about their interest in teaming with you. While much more than strong programming skill is needed on a successful team, weak programming skills will definitely harm the team. Look for students with skills that complement your own.

The single most important characteristic to look for in a team member, however, is reliability. All team-assigned work should be turned in ON TIME, and it should be scrupulously checked beforehand to make sure that it works and works accurately.

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