Planning Documents

You are required to plan your programming assignments and to provide technical writing or documentation giving evidence of your careful planning. Learning to write planning documents before you start programming will make you a better software designer and a much more efficient programmer. Further information on these writing assignments that are included in homework and the project is available for you to download later in the semester.

A model planning document, called a high-level requirements statement, has been written for your use in the course. You should become familiar with this kind of written plan as soon as possible. Begin to learn the guidelines for requirements by linking to the document here.

The Undergraduate Writing Center is an excellent resource that can provide additional guidance on written business communication and can help you improve your own writing ability. Contact the Center by phone (471-6222) or by email, or visit their web site.

Another source of assistance is the Jester Learning Skills Center (471-3614). In the past LSC has offered both free assistance and paid assistance to students who want to improve their writing ability. Classes are available as well as tutors who will read draft documents and give you feedback. Contact the LSC directly for current information.

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