Homework Assignments

All homework assignments are scheduled. Assignments are due before the end of the class period. No late homework is accepted.

There will be an assignment box at the front of the classroom with an envelope for each student. Place your assignments into your own envelope. Check the envelope for graded and returned assignments. Please write your first and last names and your Unique section number on all work turned in. Do not zip assignments that you turn in on diskette. Have a label on your main Access form with your name visible.

All homework assignments are to be completed by the student claiming credit for the work. Teamwork is not permitted. Code sharing is considered teamwork and is not allowed for homework assignments. If it is discovered you copied another students work you will receive a zero for the assignment and the CBA dean will be notified of your academic dishonesty.

Access consultants give experienced advice on assignments. They can help you efficiently orient your efforts. Similarly, you are encouraged to discuss assignments in groups and share experience on how to approach the work, where to find crucial information, and how to use VBA effectively.

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