Course Grading and Gradebook

The course grading scale is: A (100-90); B (89-80); C (79-70); D (69-60); and F (59 and lower). Exams, quizzes, and the project are: scored as percent of total points earned; and curved up or down by adding or subtracting a constant. The curved grade is the only one reported to you.

No make ups are offered for missed homework assignments, exams, pop quizzes, or the project. Your lowest pop quiz score will be dropped automatically. No extra work is available to raise grades.

If you require a regrade on an assignment or test, you must request the regrade prior to the due date of the next assignment or test, and soon enough to allow the original grader time to regrade before starting the next grading effort. The last assignment cannot be regraded, and the semester project cannot be regraded. This is a no-budge policy.

Component No. Grading Wt.
Homework Assignments 6 6 @ 5% .30
Exams 3 3 @ 12% .36
Pop Quizzes 6 5 @ 1% .05
Business Project 1 1 @ 29% .29
Dates for tests and assignments are subject to change as needed to add guest speakers or to spend additional class time on topics of interest.

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