Web Systems Development
CIS 3312 is a course on Web design and development. Students learn programming skills in all basic Web authoring languages. WebSys topics include: xhtml, CSS, XML, XSLT, SVG, Javascript, ASP/VBScript, PHP, Web services, usability, and graphics and page/site/information design.
Business System Development
MIS 333K is a database/systems development course. It covers object-oriented programming, systems analysis, and large-scale team project work. Basics of SQL, database design, VBA, developer documentation and introduction to Access 2002 recordset programming is covered in this programmers boot camp.
Introduction to MIS
MIS 310 is an overview of the influence and strategic role of MIS technology on business. Computer and information systems concepts and the most popular software tools currently available are covered. Emphasis is placed on using technology to deliver business solutions.
Introduction to Business Statistics
STA 309 is a basic introductory statistics course.

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